Our features

eventPic is the fast, simple, affordable alternative to photo booths.

Your guests scan the QR code and upload their photos. They appear on your digital picture wall. After the event, you can comfortably download all photos at once.

  • Authentic images

    The most beautiful memories are often snapshots in the spur of a moment. With eventPic, every guest turns in to a photographer and captures moments you might never see otherwise.

  • Low cost

    eventPic is way more affordable than a photo booth. You might also save plenty of time for setup and clean up, because you could just skip the picture wall if you like.

  • Easy to use

    No app, no login: Your guests just need to scan the QR code.

  • Photos from every place

    Not one photographer or one booth at one place. The many beautiful and one-of-a-kind moments your guests collect with their phones will be collected.

How it works

Using eventPic is very simple. You can find all steps required here.


Pick a package


You pick a eventPic package. The runtime for each package is the time your guests can post photos to your picture wall. You can take as long as you want for setting up (e.g. uploading logos and badges). The runtime starts only as soon as you publish the event.


Download QR code


While preparing your big day, you can download the QR code for your eventPic and put them on your desk cards, for example. You can also pick templates that you can use immediately.




Right before the start of the actual party, you can publish the event. With this, the runtime of your package will begin to elapse (6 hours, 48 hours or 7 days)


Set up the picture wall


On your location, you can set up the picture wall on a screen or a projector. All you need is a laptop with internet access. You also need to post the QR codes.


Take pictures


The party begins. Your guests scan the QR code, take a picture directly, or upload one from their phones. Then, guests can add one of your designs and badges. Then, guests can decide if they want to keep the image for themselves or post it to the picture wall. With just a tap, everyone can see the image on the picture wall.


Hide pictures


Is there an inappropriate photo on your picture wall? No problem. Using your account, you can moderate the picture wall in real time by pinning, deleting or hiding images.


Browse and download


After your party, the digital picture wall stays online for 6 Weeks and can be browsed by you and your guests to keep the memory. Of yourse, you can also download all of the images at once.

Your guests capture the most beautiful, funny and precious moments with their phones - on the dance floor, the terrace or on the table. With eventPic, you can collect these special memories live on your digital picture wall. Your guests can also customize their photos with badges.

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